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Are You A Partner looking to add a Citrix Practice?

As a reseller or consultant providing sales expertise, services delivery, customer education, technical implementation and/or support of the Citrix portfolio of products, the Solution Advisor program is right for you. Your influence over customer purchases is rewarded regardless of who fulfills the order, helping you grow your business while focusing on your role as a trusted advisor to your customers.

Program membership levels

Silver Solution Advisor − The entry-level partnership program is open to companies with any level of expertise in Citrix networking optimization and virtualization solutions, as well as resellers of any size who want to add Citrix products to their solution offerings.

Gold Solution Advisor − Companies that demonstrate a high level of expertise and commitment to one or more of Citrix technologies. Gold Solution Advisors receive additional sales leads and funds to build their business and work closely with Citrix to successfully deliver Citrix solutions to customers.

Platinum Solution Advisor − Companies who demonstrate the highest level of expertise and commitment to the entire Citrix portfolio of products as a core part of their business, have a well-established Citrix practice, and work closely with Citrix on sales, implementation and consulting engagements.

For more information, see additional program details on the Citrix Solution Advisor Sign-up page.

The Arrow Citrix team would be happy to help you get signed up today. Contact us at We will follow-up to walk you through the process.

There are benefits at all Citrix Solution Advisor levels:

There are benefits at all Citrix Solution Advisor levels:

  • No program or renewals fees, regardless of level
  • Qualified leads from Citrix
  • Resale margins to build your revenue and profitability
  • Monetary rewards through the Citrix Ultimate Rewards and Citrix programs
  • Stand out from competitors with Citrix co-branding
  • Expert market opportunity insights and guidance to expand your business
  • Free software and discounted hardware for demos and internal use
  • Comprehensive sales and marketing tools
  • Convenient, low cost training
  • Access to technical training forums
  • Networking opportunities at Citrix events such as Summit and Synergy
  • Inclusion in Citrix Partner Locator and access to Citrix Partner Central
  • Ready-made Citrix Solution Advisor logo for print and web

Video: What value does Citrix bring to customers and how does Arrow help our partners?

Discover how Citrix can add to your offerings and explore the value Arrow can provide to help you launch and grow your new Citrix practice

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The Value Arrow Provides our Citrix Partners

This presentation provides an overview of the value Arrow provides its Citrix business partners.

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Arrow’s Citrix Value Proposition for our Partners

Citrix Solutions Battlecard – Workspace, Networking & Analytics

This 2-page document is a handy sales tool that provides high-level information for presenting Citrix core solutions (and the overall company) to prospects who are less familiar with the company and market. The document includes the following:

  • Overview of what Citrix does as a company
  • Overviews of the Workspace, Networking, and Analytics solutions
  • Elevator Pitch
  • Key Messages
  • Fast Facts on customer satisfaction and analyst rankings
  • Value Propositions for line-of-business and IT prospects

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