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Grow Your Citrix Service Provider Business

Arrow's Citrix CSP Program can help you to easily offer your customers a VDI cloud solution providing an "as-a-service" technology offerings no matter where you fit into the tech provider ecosystem.

Arrow will help you successfully build your Citrix solution practice by providing the extensive guidance, support, and tools to plan, that you need to launch, build, market and sell Citrix.

We will also guide you through the sign-up process, provide the product enablement your team needs and provide lead-gen and marketing services to help you grow your CSP business and acquire new customers.

ArrowSphere, our cloud marketplace and reporting tool, streamlines reporting and license management. Think of ArrowSphere as your web-based portal to manage all your cloud business from a single place. With white labeling, you can utilize ArrowSphere as your customer-facing portal for licensing cloud products. With consolidated billing, you get one bill for your entire Cloud business.

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Why should Channel Partners become Citrix Service Provider partners?

Manage your business for service and scale with:

  • Speed wins: Citrix Cloud will help you scale your business without the cost or time delays you’d experience extending your on-premises operation.
  • Create your own unique opportunity: Workspace services, including Desktops as a Service (DaaS), secure Enterprise File Sync and Sharing (EFSS), and Networking as a Service (NaaS), are still in the early days of adoption.
  • Meet changing market needs: Citrix technology and services help you enable your customers’ mobile workforces, scale easily and securely with growth, and ease IT management
  • Technical resources: Citrix has all the technical resources you need to deliver successful cloud services - deployment guides, reference architectures, training,and dedicated sales engineers.
  • Go-to-market assistance: Use our quick-start marketing and sales toolkits to accelerate your go-to-market and growth.

Why you should MSPs and hosters become Citrix services provider partners?

Make the move to offering profitable solutions based on consumption pricing:

  • Create new monthly recurring revenue streams
  • Realize margins of 45% and more on business-ready, hosted workspace solutions that can boost average bill rate per user
  • Be more profitable, grow and scale faster with flexible pay-as-you-go monthly per user licensing

Video: CSP Partner Technical Benefits

Partners are expanding their offerings to include the Citrix Service Provider(CSP) model non-traditional benefits to their customers using a cloud model. Find out the technical benefits your customers can realize from becoming a CSP.

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How to Win,Grow, and Maximize Profit

How to Win,Grow, and Maximize Profit as a Citrix Service Provider Partner

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Video: Citrix Service Provider Testimonials

Learn directly from current Citrix Service Provider (CSP) Partners why you want to become a CSP Partner, and the role Citrix plays in their business.

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ArrowSphere - Cloud Delivery and Management Platform for Powering Digital Growth

ArrowSphere is Arrow's cloud delivery and management platform that provides you with a digital ecosystem that keeps expanding. It enables your business to scale and transform with it.

  • Cloud Marketplace - Access our multi-cloud marketplace, add your own custom IP and bundle it all together to deliver powerful solutions.
  • Quoting + Ordering - See your discounts, manage your margins and build the perfect offering across multiple vendors. Effortlessly turn quotes into tailored orders.
  • Automated Provisioning - Ensure seamless deployments, speed implementation and lower costs with automated provisioning.
  • Subscription Management - You have granular control of both SaaS subscriptions and IaaS consumption, plus access to predictive analytics and custom alerts.
  • Billing + Invoicing - Comprehensive billing integration across vendors makes reconciliation and invoicing painless. Pay us in arrears and get more working capital.
  • Identity + Access - Maintain ease-of-access without compromising security, with our multi-factor authentication and 1-click Microsoft single sign-on login options.


ArrowSphere: Cloud Management Solution

Whether you are building a cloud practice, or want to expand or accelerate your existing cloud business, making it more profitable, Arrow and Citrix are ideally positioned to support you with ArrowSphere - Arrow's award-winning, multi-tier cloud delivery platform.

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My Portal End-User ArrowSphere Interface

My Portal is a customer interface that works with Arrow's ArrowSphere cloud management tool. This datasheet provides the partner benefits of My Portal

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