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"From marketing and campaigns, to order fulfillment and quoting, Arrow works as an extension of our team."

- Michael Quirin, Managing Partner, Alchemy Technologies


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Why should an experienced Citrix Partner select Arrow?

Jake Sowder, Managing Partner Alchemy Technology Group explains the value of bringing their Citrix business to Arrow – when they had never worked with Arrow before.


Are you a Partner looking to add a Citrix practice?

How does Arrow fulfill our role as a value-added distributor for Citrix to help you establish and grow your business?


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It is truly refreshing to know that I can depend on the professionalism and support of everyone at Arrow to not only help me grow my business, but also continue to develop my relationship with my clients through the trust and expertise we all need to be successful. The idea business relationship takes the form of a mutually beneficial partnership. We resellers work very hard to find, develop, and nurture relationships with our clients in which we become their trusted advisors. Being able to stay abreast of developments in the industry and maintain a competitive advantage by continually demonstrating and awareness of technology and how it can be leveraged to our clients’ advantage is essential to the long-term success of any reseller. To that end, having a distributor that supports these efforts on the back end is vital. I made the transition to Arrow as our primary Citrix distributor based on their commitment to my organization to do just that. Since making the transition, I have found a level of support with product information, training, resource availability, and prompt and accurate pricing that affirms I made the right decision.

— Steve Harms, President – Pentasys

Arrow has been a game-changer for Alchemy Technology Group, and they have enabled us to rapidly grow our business. Historically, distribution always felt like a necessary evil, focused solely on order fulfillment. Since partnering with Arrow, the value-add extends to critical areas of the business including sales and technical enablement, market intelligence and financial services.

— Mike Quirin, Partner – Alchemy Technology Group

Read how the Touro College of Dental Medicine uses Citrix Workspace to collaborate around high-resolution 3D models to improve patient care and learning across multiple locations. This story demonstrates the power of converging NVIDIA’s HPC technology with Citrix VDI. Learn more…

— College Blends HPC & VDI for High-Value Collaboration

As a Value-Added Reseller, it is often to difficult to find a vendor/manufacturer partner who’s strategic approach is similar to ours. immixGroup has been a pleasant exception to that rule. Courteous, educated, and prompt responses combined with numerous training and marketing opportunities to make immixGroup a trusted business partner. Their vast array of contract vehicles is also a key component to immixGroup’s value add. Overall, we couldn’t be happier with the support and partnership being offered.

— Eric Bealmear, Sales Manager, En-Net Services

immixGroup is the best organization of its kind doing business in the Public Sector arena. I’ve worked closely with and have several Clients that are currently part of immixGroup’s team of Partners. Their special “networking” sessions and great government/industry overviews of different market segments are second to none. I would recommend immixGroup to anyone either starting out or seasoned in the government space!

— Barbara Ellen Bridges, Founder & President, PAR Excellence

Working with immixGroup over the last few years, I’ve realized how valuable they are to us as a business partner. They have worked with us on multiple occasions to help our customers and maintain one of the highest levels of professionalism I’ve experienced with a distribution partner. They are truly a valuable asset to our line of business and we appreciate not only what they offer, but how they operate. I highly recommend immixGroup.

— Robert Scott Hall, Owner, Horizon Systems, LLC